Manually Tag a PDF

1. Open a PDF document and expand the Tools pane on the right-hand side.

Tools pane

2. Select the "Reading Order" tool.

Reading order tool

3. To delete all the tags on a page, scroll to that page and select "Clear Page Structure..." in the Reading Order window.

Reading order window with the Clear Page Structure selected

4. To manually tag the document, draw a box around a structure and select the structure type in the Reading Order window. In the example below, the document title is highlighted (step a) and Heading 1 is selected in the Reading Order window (step b) .

Sample document with the title selected (step a) and Heading 1 structure selected in the Reading Order window (step b)

5. In the Reading Order window, select the "Structure types" radio button to show them in the document (step a). As the structures are tagged, they are shown in the Tags pane (step b).

Structure types radio button selected (step a) and the tags pane (step b)
Text/paragraph button selected in the Reading order window (step a), Properties option selected (step b), tag type selected in the object properties window