Troubleshooting Common Issues with Online Courses

This article covers how to troubleshoot common issues with online IT Training courses in the Employee Training Center.

1. Ensure you are using one of the approved web browsers.

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser to use with the Employee Training Center.

Other approved browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox

2. Clear your browser history/cache.

4. If the online course appears "stuck," try clicking the Play button.

Online class with playbar

Occasionally, an IT Training online course will appear to be "stuck" on a screen. Try clicking on the play button in the playbar at the bottom of the window.

The course should continue playing and will move to the next screen within a minute.

5. Check for checkmarks next to each slide in the table of contents

Table of contents

The table of contents on the left side of the training class will show a checkmark next to each slide that you have completed.

If you have gotten to the end of the training but the course is still showing as incomplete, look at the table of contents to see if any slides are missing a checkmark.

If a slide is missing a checkmark, click on the slide just before it (i.e. if slide 32 is missing a checkmark, click on slide 31). Complete the slide and then you can move to the slide you are missing so you can complete it.

Once you have completed the missing slide, you should be able to close out the training and then the Employee Training Center will show it as complete.

6. Still experiencing issues?

If you are having trouble with any PeopleSoft/CMS courses (e.g., Student Worker, Requisition Approval), contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or [email protected].

If you are having trouble accessing any other Employee Training Center courses (.e.g., Data Security and FERPA, PCI Compliance, Title IX), contact the Employee Training Center at 657-278-2064 or [email protected].