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Clearing Browser History, Cache, and Cookies

This article will cover how to clear browser history, cache, and cookies which may resolve issues with logging in or bringing up websites.  

What are browser history, cache, and cookies?
  • Browser History is the list of sites that you have visited using this specific browser.
  • Cache stores temporary files, such as web pages and other online media, that the browser downloaded from the Internet to speed up loading of pages and sites that you've already visited.
  • Cookies store information about websites you visit, such as site preferences or login status. This includes preferences stored by the Adobe Flash plug-in. Cookies can also be used by third parties to track you across sites.

1. Select your browser to view instructions on how to clear the history, cache, and cookies.

If a technical support staff has asked you to try these steps, be sure to ask which type of data you need to clear: history, cache, or cookies (or all three). This will help you decide which options to select when clearing information.

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