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Student: How do I register for McGraw-Hill Connect with Titan Direct Access?

You will learn how to access your Titan Direct Access McGraw-Hill course materials.

1. Log in to the Campus Portal

Details on accessing the portal are available in our Logging into the Campus Portal guide.

Under My Courses, click the Titan Direct Access button for your course.

Titan Direct Access is highlighted under My Courses

3. Confirm your course materials.

Make sure the book matches the course. By default you are "opted in" to the materials. You can opt out by clicking the "Want to opt-out?" button.

Vital Source Dashboard highlighting Reveal Access Code button

You may need to scroll down to find the link "McGraw-Hill Connect".

Canvas course menu items with McGraw-Hill Connect Highlighted

If you cannot find a "McGraw-Hill Connect" link in the course menu, please check with your instructor to see if they are using MH Connect materials in their course. The teacher can enable the course menu link with the steps in our guide at Teacher guide for enabling McGraw-Hill Connect.

5. Click "Begin".

Begin is highlighted in the MH Connect Screen

This will start the process of joining your Connect course. This only needs to be completed once per course.

6. Register with MH Connect.

If this is your first time using MH connect, click "Register".

If you already have an MH Connect user account, log in with your email address and password. Since you don't need to create a new account, you can then skip ahead to step 9 of this guide.

Email, Password, and the Register button are highlighted

7. Enter your CSUF student email address.

MH Connect uses your primary canvas email address to sync settings, so it is important to use your address.

Email is highlighted in the MH Connect Welcome Screen

8. Enter Account Details.

Enter all the required data and click the "CONTINUE" button.

Account details and the CONTINUE button are highlighted

9. Click "CONFIRM".

The CONFIRM button is highleghted

10. Click "GO TO CONNECT".

GO TO CONNECT is highlighted in the Success screen

Article Summary

You have now learned the steps for registering with MH Connect.