Accessing your VitalSource Faculty Sampling Site

Starting February 13th, 2020 users will be logging into VitalSource website and no longer use the Campus Portal. Once on the VitalSource website, users will need to reset their password. 

This guide shows faculty how to use the VitalSource Faculty Sampling to search for textbooks to use in your course(s).

Logging in to VitalSource Faculty Sampling Site

Step 1

Login to your CSUF Faculty / Staff Portal

Follow the instructions at Logging into the Campus Portal, if you need assistance logging into the campus portal.

Step 2

In the search field, type “VitalSource

Then select “VitalSource Faculty Sampling

Step 3

Click the Login button 

To reset your password, please see the Resetting Password

Resetting Password

Step 1

Click the Forgot your password? link

VitalSource will send you an email with a link to reset your password

Step 2

Follow the instructions to reset Password:

A. Enter your email address

B. Complete the reCAPTCHA prompt

C. Click the Submit button

Step 3

Click the Reset Password button

Searching in VitalSource Faculty Sampling Site

Step 1

Click "Faculty Sampling"

Step 2

Enter the ISBN number, Title, Author, or subject to search

Example of, searching by title:

Step 1

Search for the eBook “Data Visualization”

Type in Data Visualization in the search bar

All affiliated eBooks with similar names will populate on the screen as options to select from. Select the desired eBook.

Step 2

Click the "Add to Library" button

Step 3

Request your Complimentary Access from the Publisher:

  1. Fill out the course information for your complimentary access from the publisher,
  2. Click “Complete Your Request”

Step 4

Click "Read Now" to begin reading the eBook

Congratulations!! Your eBook can be read in your "VitalSource Bookshelf"

The reader is the same platform as the VitalSource Bookshelf.  You can read your eBook online, or offline via the android or iOS app by searching your VitalSource Bookshelf.

Mobile Device App

Step 1

For your iOS or Android device, download the VitalSource Bookshelf app "Bookshelf".

VitalSource iOS app

To search and download the VitalSource Bookshelf app:

  • On your iOS device, go to iTunes.
  • On your Android device, go to the Google Play.

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