CSUF Printer Driver Installation

This article covers how CSUF faculty and staff can connect their campus Windows desktop or campus Windows laptop to a campus network printer.

Please note that campus network printer permissions are managed by the department who owns the printer. Additional permissions may be required before you will be able to print. Contact your department for more information about using printers owned by your department.

1. On your campus desktop or laptop, go to the Campus Printer Installation website.

campus printer installation website URL

Open a web browser to the Campus Printer Installation website.

2. First, select your division from the drop-down list.

division select drop-down menu

3. Select the location where the printer you want to use is located.

You will only see locations in your division that have printers.

printer list

Note that there may be multiple printers in a single location. Contact your department if you're not sure which printer to choose.

available printers

Depending on which browser you use, you may see different language for saving the link.

  1. Right-click on the available printer you want to use.
  2. Then select Save link as...

5. Make a note of where the file is being saved; change the location if needed. Then click Save.

download file
  1. Most web browsers will save to a Downloads folder by default. You can choose to save the file there or navigate to another location on your computer where you want to save it (e.g., Documents, Desktop, etc.).
  2. Click Save.

6. Your browser may indicate that the file can't be downloaded securely. Click on the carat icon and then select Keep. The file will download.

cannot download securely
  1. Click on the carat icon.
  2. Then select Keep.

7. Go to the location where you downloaded the file and double click on it to open it.

open downloaded file

8. If you see a Windows protected your PC window, go back to the installation file.

windows protected your pc window

8.1. Right click on the installation file. Then, select Properties.

Windows right-click menu

8.2. Check Unblock. Then, click Apply. Click OK to close the window and confirm the change.

Properties window

9. You will see a command window pop up and run for a moment. Then it should disappear.

printer installer

10. To verify the printer was installed, you can click on the start menu and choose Settings.

start menu
  1. Click on the start menu icon.
  2. Then choose Settings.

11. Then choose Devices.

windows settings

12. Choose Printers & scanners.

devices menu

13. You'll see the new printer added to your printer list.

printers and scanners list

Need More Help?

Faculty and Staff should contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for additional assistance.