How to Print with a Guest Account (Affiliated Patrons)

This article covers how Affiliated Patrons can pay & print on a campus computer with a Guest Account

Affiliated Patrons are identified as people who are:

  • From other education institutions (universities, colleges, high schools)
  • CSUF Alumni
  • OLLI


  1. Register for a Guest Account at the Student Genius Center (Hours & location)
  2. Add Funds to your Guest Account at the TitanCard Desk (Hours & Location)

Example of Guest Account:

How it works:

  1. Like the guest account, guest users get a temporary printing account.
    a. The username and password will be for the computer login.
  2. To load funds to the temporary account, go to the TitanCard Desk with the guest account printout.
  3. TitanCard will load funds to the temporary printing account using the information from the printout.
  4. If there are any unused funds left on the temporary guest printing account, leftover funds will revert back to the University at the end of the day.
    a. Please visit for TitanCard operation hours
Step 1: Send Document to Printer

1. Print your document

File > Print > Select Printer > Print
or press "Ctrl + P" > Select Printer > Print

Make sure you note the printer it is being sent to.

Microsoft Word Print Page. Shows Print Page
Step 2: Pay & Print Document

1. Login to GoPrint

  • The GoPrint login screen will appear, if not, double-click the blue swoosh icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Enter your Guest Account username and password to log in.

2. Select your document(s) from the list & click "Pay and Print"

You can see how many pages you are printing, the cost, and if you have sufficient funds:

Your Guest Account balance is automatically deducted and your document will then print out on the printer.

Note: To avoid confusion and loss of print jobs, it is advisable to collect your documents once they have been sent to the printer.

3. Make sure you have sufficient funds

You will see an error if there are insufficient funds:

You can add funds to your Guest Account by visiting the TitanCard Desk (Hours & Location)

1. Need additional assistance?

Visit or contact the Student Genius Center
Location: Pollak Library North
Phone: (657) 278-8203
Hours: Website