Password Requirements Troubleshooting

This article covers the minimum password requirements for faculty/staff and how to troubleshoot the "minimum requirements not met" error.

Be aware: Your campus password can not be changed through the Outlook web app (OWA).

Minimum Password Requirements

The password requirements are:

+ Should be between 12 and 127 characters

+ Contain three of the following:

  • a lower case letter ( a b c d ...)
  • an upper case letter ( A B C D ...)
  • number (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 )
  • a special character ( ! @ # $ % & * - _ + , . )

+ No part of your name can be used

+ You cannot use your last 24 campus passwords

If your new password does not meet these requirements, you will get an error.

Why am I getting this error? What's wrong with my password?

When you get an error with your new password, you will not see a reason for the error (i.e. "not enough characters used"). The only way to check is to double check your password against the requirements. Try writing down the password you want to use to get a better view of it.

  1. Count the number of characters in the password. Is it at least 12?
  2. Did you use part of your name for the password? (i.e. LoriIsAwesome!)
  3. Have you used this password before? Or a password that is very similar? (i.e. if you have used Fullerton2015, you probably won't be allowed to use Fullerton2016 because it contains too many of the same characters.)
  4. Do you have enough variety in the characters? Are there three of the following: lowercase letter, upper case letter, number, special character?

It's not taking my password and I know my password meets the requirements!

Try a very simple password that you know meets the requirements. For example: September2015! meets the requirements. If that works, then the password change process is working but your password needs a little revising. Try the tricks below to create a new password!


If you are unable to change your password to something simple, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected] for assistance.

I can't come up with a good password every year!

There are a couple of tricks you can use to come up with a password.

  1. Think of a phrase with at least 10 words in it. For example: When I grow up I want to be a Jedi Knight. Take the first letter in each word in the phrase: WIguIwtbaJK. Be sure to use both upper case and lower case letters. Now add enough symbols or numbers to reach at least 12 characters: WIguIwtbaJK! Now you have a new password that meets the minimum password requirements!
  2. Find a word with a lot of letters. It can be a word in the dictionary, a product name, a company, or anything you like. For example: Jabberwocky. Now replace one or more letters with a symbol or number: J@bberw0cky. Depending on how long you word is, you may need to add another letter, symbol, or number to reach at least 12 characters: i.e. J@bberw0cky! Now you have a new password that meets the minimum password requirements!

Both of these tricks result in a password that is easier to remember.

Need Help?

Still getting errors? Contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or [email protected] for additional assistance.

View Password Change Help & Support.