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Updating Your Wi-Fi Password on Your Apple iOS Device

This quick guide covers updating your WiFi password on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) after changing your campus password.

You must be on campus and within range of the eduroam Wi-Fi network to make this change. These instructions show the iOS 9.3.1 release on an iPhone device.

1. Wait until your device prompts you for your password. Then enter your new password and tap Join.

password prompt

If your device doesn't prompt you after two hours, follow these instructions.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

iPhone display screen

3. Tap Wi-Fi.

Settings menu

4. Turn off the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi menu

5. Now turn the Wi-Fi back on.

Wi-Fi menu

6. You should now be prompted to enter your new password.

password prompt

7. You’re now connected to eduroam with your new password!

Wi-Fi connected to eduroam

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