Smart Sync on Dropbox

Smart Sync is a feature in Dropbox that allows ease of access to your files and folders, while saving space on your local hard drive.

This feature is enabled for Business accounts for CSUF faculty, staff and students as of July 2017.

Restart your computer if you have not restarted it in a while and if you do not see the Smart Sync option once you begin.

We suggest that you Smart Sync only a few folders at a time when moving content Online Only.

To use Smart Sync, you will need to have the Dropbox desktop application installed and activated on your local computer.

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Setup Smart Sync to Make your Dropbox Content Available Online Only

1. Open your browser to the Dropbox Smart Sync information page.

Open your browser to the Dropbox Smart Sync information page.

2. Scroll down to "Show instructions...", then select your operating system.

Show instructions for

Scroll down to Show Instructions..., then select the operating system to Smart Sync your Dropbox.   

You will need to follow these instructions on each computer you have Dropbox content installed if you want to move your files and folders Online Only.

3. Smart Sync changes the icon of each Dropbox file and folder when enabled.

Dropbox Smart Sync folders

Once Dropbox Smart Sync is enabled on your local computer you will notice a blue sync icon on your files and folders.  The icon will eventually turn into a gray cloud. This means your files and folders are now stored online only. You will need to download your content from Dropbox before you can edit them.

Your Dropbox Folder with Smart Sync

With Dropbox Smart Sync you can decide to keep your content online only or on your local hard drive.  Either way, your content will remain on Dropbox.

A Smart Sync Dropbox cloud folder

Content that is kept Online Only will be stored on Dropbox and will not use any space on your local hard drive. You can view this content in your cloud Dropbox folders, but it will need to be downloaded to your local computer before it can be opened or edited.

A Smart Sync Dropbox downloaded folder

Content kept Local is stored on your local hard drive and will take up space. These files and/or folders will be stored in both your local hard drive and cloud Dropbox folders.

See Need More Help below to find out How to Manage Dropbox.  

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