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Introduction to the Interactive Digital Display in some general use Classrooms

This article will introduce the Interactive Digital Display and the Teacher Monitor which will be installed in several of the general use classrooms during the summer of 2024.

Sample general use classroom set up

In the image below you can see the Teacher Monitor on the left which acts as an additional monitor the large 85-inch Interactive Digital Display, which has a touch sensitive screen. A regular whiteboard (not shown in this image) is also attached to the wall next to the Interactive Digital Display for standard whiteboard use. The computer in the Interactive Digital Display uses Windows 11 to deliver the latest in drawing, notation, and writing to text tools which can enhance your teaching.

Teacher monitor and Whiteboard set up

A Small but Significant Step Forward

This update to the general use classroom represents a small but significant step forward to providing faculty with better, more intuitive tools in order to interact with their students in a more efficacious way. Both the monitor and the Interactive Digital Display can be used in a variety of ways to instruct your students, such as displaying an essay, annotating it by hand, and then saving the document with the annotations to your Dropbox. Other use cases might include solving equations, filling out a graphic organizer, critiquing digital art, showing high-quality videos at 4K, brainstorming using the Microsoft Whiteboard, etc.

Using Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive for your file storage

The annotating (Draw) tools in Microsoft Office apps, like Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be used to hand draw annotations and save them directly to the document you are demonstrating to your students. You can use the cloud storage service of your choice; However, the Microsoft Whiteboard only saves to OneDrive.

OnDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive as cloud service samples

Windows 11

The Interactive Digital Display uses Windows 11. If you need a primer on Windows 11, take a look at this LinkedIn course (you will need to login with your CSUF credentials):

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