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Opening a file on your USB key to use on the Interactive Digital Display

This article will walk you through the process of opening a file from your USB key on the Interactive Digital Display. An easy way to use your files (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, video, etc.) on the Interactive Digital Display is to use a USB Key.

1. Insert your USB key into the Interactive Digital Display.

If you have a USB-A key, you can use one of the USB slots in the bottom right corner of the Interactive Digital Display.

USB-A slot in front of the Whiteboard

If you have a USB-C key, you can use the USB-C slot on the right side of the Whiteboard.

USB-C slot

2. Using either the Whiteboard or the Teacher Monitor, tap on the Folder icon in the Taskbar.

Explorer (folder) icon selected
USB drive selected

4. Double-tap the desired file.

PowerPoint file selected

5. Display and interact with your file as desired.

PowerPoint displayed

6. After you are done with your file, tap on the X to close.

Close icon selected

Windows 11

The Interactive Digital Display uses Windows 11. If you need a primer on Windows 11, take a look at this LinkedIn course (you will need to login with your CSUF credentials):

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