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Turning on the Onscreen Keyboard on the Interactive Digital Display

This article will guide you through the steps to take to enable the Onscreen Keyboard for the Interactive Digital Display.

1. Look at the bottom right side of the taskbar on the Interactive Digital Display.

If the Onscreen keyboard icon does not display, continue with these steps to add it.

Onscreen keyboard icon is not visible

2. Long tap on the Taskbar.

Long tap on Taskbar

3. Tap on Taskbar settings.

Taskbar settings selected

4. Scroll down to the Touch keyboard section and tap on "When no keyboard attached" to open those options.

When no keyboard attached is selected

5. Tap on Always.

Alwyas is now selected

6. Tap on the X to close the dialog.

X is selected

7. Note the Onscreen Keyboard icon in the Taskbar and tap on it.

Onscreen keyboard icon selected

8. The Onscreen keyboard will display.

You can now use the Onscreen keyboard to type using your stylus or your finger.

Onscreen keyboard displays

Windows 11

The Interactive Digital Display uses Windows 11. If you need a primer on Windows 11, take a look at this LinkedIn course (you will need to login with your CSUF credentials):

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