Connecting my MacBook to the Interactive Digital Display

This article will guide you through the process of connecting your MacBook (or PC laptop if you have two USB-C connections) to the Interactive Digital Display located in some general education classrooms on campus.

1. Find the two USB C cables on the right side of the Interactive Digital Display.

two usb c cables attached to the IDD

2. Plug the USB C cable into the USB C slot in your MacBook or Laptop.

USB C cable being plugged into usb c slot in macbook

3. To enable the touch screen feature of the Interactive Digital Display, you will need to insert both USB C cables.

Tip: it doesn't matter that your MacBook or laptop does not have a touch screen, as the Interactive Digital Display will still function as a touch screen.

two usb c cables are now inserted into the slots on the macbook

4. Click on the Red dot to close the Keyboard Setup Assistant dialog if it appears.

This dialog appears on some Macs, but not all. As usual with a Mac, click on the dot to the far left top corner to close the dialog.

Close button selected

5. You can now use the Interactive Digital Display to play videos, open files, or do anything else on your MacBook that you want to do.

finger on the display tapping a video icon to open it

6. When you are finished, simply remove the USB C cables from your MacBook.

two usb c cables removed from macbook

Windows 11

The Interactive Digital Display uses Windows 11. If you need a primer on Windows 11, take a look at this LinkedIn course (you will need to login with your CSUF credentials):

Need More Help?

Contact the IT A/V Support Team at (657) 278-2277 or [email protected].

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