Students: Requesting a One-time Bypass Code

This article covers how students can request a one-time bypass code in case you don't have your 2FA device with you. You should get this bypass code before attempting to log in to the portal or Global Protect VPN as you will need to have it ready to enter.

You need to have already provided an off-campus email address in your portal settings. If you need help doing so, view the article on how to Update Your Off Campus Email.

1. Open your web browser to the CSUF Duo Devices Management website.

2. Enter your campus username and password. Check the I'm not a robot box. Answer the CAPTCHA question if prompted. Then click Login.

Your campus username and password are the same ones you use to log in to the campus portal.

Duo Devices Management login page
  1. Enter your campus username.
  2. Enter your campus password.
  3. Place a checkmark next to I'm not a robot. If prompted, answer the CAPTCHA question.
  4. Click Login.

3. Click Get one-time authentication code at the bottom of the page.

Duo Devices Management landing page

4. You will see a confirmation that a one-time code has been sent to your off-campus email address.

Authentication code email sent screen

5. Check your off campus email for an email from the Helpdesk with your one-time code.

Helpdesk email

6. Log in to the portal (or other campus app/resource). At the Duo prompt, click Other options.

Duo authentication prompt

7. Select Bypass code.

Verify identity with Duo prompt

8. Enter the code you received in your off-campus email. Then click Verify.

Enter bypass code prompt
  1. Enter the bypass code that you received in your off-campus email.
  2. Then click Verify.

9. You're done! Your login should complete on the web browser automatically.

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.