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Students: Setting Up Duo Mobile App on Your Mobile Device

This article covers how students can set up the Duo app on their mobile device to receive push notifications to authenticate with Duo two-factor authentication.

These instructions show setting up an Apple iPhone, but the instructions are similar for other devices.

1. Download and install the Duo Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Duo Mobile app

2. Open a web browser on a computer or laptop to the Student Duo Setup site.

You will need to take a picture of a QR code with your mobile device as part of this process, so you can't use your mobile device to access the Student Duo Setup app.

Open your web browser to the Student Duo Setup app.

3. If prompted, enter your campus username and password. Then click Login.

login to duo account

4. Click My Settings & Devices.

You do not need to choose an authentication method on this screen, however you will need to do it on the next screen.

access my settings

5. Click Call Me to authenticate by phone call. Click Enter a Passcode to request an authentication code by text message.

  1. Click Call Me and you will receive a phone call from Duo with instructions on how to authenticate (normally just press a number on your phone's dial pad).
  2. Click Enter a Passcode to get a text with a verification code.

5.1. After clicking Enter a Passcode, click Text me new codes. Then enter the code and click Log In.

text code
  1. Click Text me new codes.
  2. Enter the code you receive in the verification code field.
  3. Then click Log In.

6. Click on Device Options next to your mobile device.

my settings

7. Click Activate Duo Mobile.

activate duo mobile

8. Choose the type of device from the list and click Continue.

phone type

9. Click I have Duo Mobile Installed.

install Duo Mobile

10. You will see a QR code that you will scan with the Duo Mobile app on your device.

Prefer an email? Click Email me an activation link instead.

qr code

11. Open the Duo Mobile app on your device. Tap either Add Account or the plus sign icon at the top.

duo app add account
  1. Tap Add Account.
  2. Or tap the plus sign icon at the top right.

12. Tap OK to allow Duo Mobile to access the camera if prompted.

allow camera access

13. Hold your device up to the laptop/computer screen to scan the QR code.

register device

14. Duo is now connected to your mobile device.

Notice that another way you can use your mobile device with Duo is to generate a passcode.

Duo account with passcode

15. On your computer/laptop, click Continue to save your changes.

continue setup

16. You're done! When you are prompted to authenticate with Duo, you can now choose to receive a push notification to this device.

successfully added

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at or 657-278-8888.