Downloading the Zoom Mobile App

This article covers how to download the Zoom mobile app and sign in with your account.

Note that you can simply go to the App Store for your device to download the Zoom mobile app, but following these instructions will ensure that the exact Zoom app you need will be downloaded, even if the name changes in the app store.

1. Open your browser to the CSUF Zoom download page.

Web browser address bar with populated

Open your browser to the CSUF Zoom download page.

2. You should be automatically taken to the appropriate App Store for your device. On some devices, you may have to allow the link to open the App Store.

allow to open app store

3. Download the Zoom mobile app.

download app on Apple App Store

4. Open the Zoom app.

Apple iPhone home screen

5. Next, tap Sign In.

Zoom mobile app sign in

6. Tap Sign In with SSO to sign in with your CSUF username and password.

Zoom sign-in screen with Sign In With SSO button highlighted

7. Enter fullerton as the company domain and then tap Continue.

Zoom desktop client sign-in screen
  1. Enter fullerton as the company domain.
  2. Then tap Continue.

8. Enter your campus username and password. Then tap Login.

portal login page
  1. Enter your campus username and current password.
  2. Tap Login.

9. You'll be prompted to authenticate with Duo.

Duo two-factor authentication prompt

Remember you can use Other options to choose another way to authenticate with Duo.

10. In some web browsers, you will need to allow the site to open the Zoom app.

allow browser to open Zoom app

In Safari on Apple iPhone, you may have to tap Open to allow the page to open Zoom.

allow Zoom to access notifications

12. After a moment, the Zoom app will complete your sign-in and enable any preferences you already have set up. You're ready to go!

Zoom mobile app home screen

Need More Help?

Faculty/Staff - contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

Students - contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.

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