Downloading the Zoom Outlook Plug-In

This article covers how to download the Zoom Outlook plug-in which allows you to schedule Zoom meetings using Microsoft Outlook.

Choose your computer type

I am using a PC (Windows)

1. Open your browser to the Zoom Download Center.

Web browser address bar showing

Open your browser to the Zoom Download Center.

2. Scroll down and click on the Download button under Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

Zoom Download Center

3. The wizard starts. Click Next.

You will have to close Outlook if it is currently running.

Zoom Outlook Plug-In Installation Wizard with Next button highlighted

4. Click Next.

Select installation location screen with Next button populated

It is recommended that you allow Zoom to install in the default location. Simply click Next.

5. Click Next to confirm the installation.

You may get a message asking you to confirm that you want to install this on your machine.

Confirm installation screen with Next button highlighted

6. Click Close when the installation is complete.

Installation complete screen with Close button highlighted

7. You should now see a Zoom section in your Home ribbon as well as in new meeting requests.

You may need to have the Zoom Desktop client installed on your computer to schedule meetings in Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook main ribbon showing a Zoom section and new meeting window with Zoom buttons

You can now schedule a meeting or start an instant meeting directly from Outlook.

I am using a Mac

1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Click on the Tools menu and then select Get Add-ins.

get add ins
  1. Click on the Tools menu.
  2. Select Get Add-ins.

2. Search for Zoom in the search box and then click on Zoom for Outlook.

serach add-ins

3. Click Add.

add Zoom for Outlook extension

4. If prompted, click Continue.

agree to terms

5. Close the Add-ins for Outlook screen by clicking the red button at the top left.

Note that even though the add-in indicates an additional purchase may be required, you will not have to pay for this add-in as CSUF has a license.

close add ins

6. Open a new meeting request. Click Zoom and then select Add a Zoom Meeting.

new meeting request

7. Scroll down and click SSO to sign in to Zoom with your CSUF account.

sign in with sso

8. Enter Fullerton as the company domain. Click Continue.

Fullerton domain
  1. Enter fullerton as the company domain.
  2. Then click Continue.

9. Enter your campus username and password. Then click Login.

portal login

10. You'll be prompted to authenticate with Duo.

Duo two-factor authentication prompt

Remember you can use Other options to choose another way to authenticate with Duo.

11. Choose Yes, this is my device to save your Duo authentication.

is this your device

12. Zoom will add a Zoom meeting to your calendar invite. You're all set! You can continue creating the meeting or cancel it if you don't need to schedule a Zoom meeting at the moment.

sample Zoom meeting

Need More Help?

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Students - contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.

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