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Using iFullerton App to Add Course Attendance

This article covers how students can add attendance for a course using the iFullerton app.

1. Download iFullerton App

1.1. Students will need to download the iFullerton app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Allow Location Services & Notifications

2.1. Tap Allow to allow iFullerton to access location.

If prompted, tap OK to turn on Bluetooth.

2.2. Tap Allow to allow iFullerton to send notifications.

3. Log in to iFullerton

3.1. At login screen, students enter campus username and password; then tap Sign In.

Username does NOT include (e.g. tuffy.titan not

4. Verify Bluetooth is Enabled

4.1. Open phone settings.

4.2. Select Bluetooth and make sure it is turned on.

5. Add Class Attendance

5.1. Open the iFullerton application and then shake device or tap the '+' in the top left corner of your device.

  1. If student does not see the '+', they will need to update their iFullerton app.
  2. Update iFullerton app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. After update click Open.

5.2. Tap Add Class Attendance.

5.3. Tap the appropriate class from the list of available iBeacons based on the student’s location and enrollment.

  1. If class session is not being held in the classroom listed in the class schedule, instructor can advise the students on the appropriate iBeacon to select.
  2. If student cannot find appropriate or any iBeacon, they can try the following:
    1. Restart phone
    2. Turn off Bluetooth, then turn on again
    3. Uninstall the iFullerton app and reinstall; they will need to repeat setup steps above.
  3. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, the instructor can also manually add the student’s attendance in Canvas.

Need More Help?

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