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SPSS Statistics: Download and Installation for Mac (Faculty/Staff)

This article covers how CSUF faculty and staff can download, install, and activate SPSS Statistics on Macintosh

Renewing SPSS Statistics with a new Authorization Code

If you have an older version of SPSS Statistics installed, proceed to Remove Previous Versions of SPSS Statistics.

If you do not have SPSS installed, proceed to Step1: Get Activation Code.

If you have the current version of SPSS Statistics on your device but the software is expired you need to activate it again.

1. Open SPSS, Select File, Select "Manage License"

SPSS is open, File is selected, then Manage License is selected

2. Select Launch License Wizard

SPSS is open, Launch License Wizard button is selected

3. Click Next >

license status page click next

4. Select "Authorized user license", then click Next >

product authorization

5. Enter the new Authorization Code you obtained, click Add, then click Next >

enter code

6. Once you receive "Authorization succeeded", click Next >, then click Finish.

internet authorization status

SPSS Statistics is now Reactivated

Remove Previous Versions of SPSS

If you do not have a previous version of SPSS installed, proceed to Get the Activation Code.

If you have an older version of SPSS on your device you need to remove it before installing the newer version.  

This will help avoid potential clashes between multiple versions.  

1. Open up Finder

open finder

2. Click on Applications


3. Select the IBM folder from the list and put it in your Trash

move ibm folder to trash

4. Empty your Trash to finish uninstalling

Note: Open Your Trash

  1. Click on the Gear icon
  2. Click on Empty Trash

empty trash

Tip: You can also right-click/double-click/control-click on your Trash, then select "Empty Trash"

5. Restart your computer


  1. Click on the Apple icon
  2. Then select "Restart"

restart computer

Warning: You will need to restart your computer to complete the uninstall process.

Step 1: Get Activation code

This article covers how to retrieve a Authorized Software Code for SPSS & AMOS version 29 for CSUF faculty/staff.

** This is CSUs official SPSS software. The trial  download is the FULL VERSION of SPSS Statistics & SPSS AMOS once  activated with your CSUF Authorized Software Code.

NOTE: These instructions are identical for SPSS  Statistics and SPSS AMOS (and can be retrieved at the same time if  available or not previously ordered).


1. Go to the Faculty & Staff Software page and click Get A Personal IBM SPSS License.

  1. Open your browser to the IBM SPSS Software Page (from the Faculty & Staff Software page)
  2. Click on Get A Personal IBM SPSS License
IBM SPSS License section

2. Login using your Portal username and password

CSUF Portal Login

3. Find IBM SPSS software and add to cart

SPSS and AMOS cart

NOTE: Selections must be made one at a time for processing purposes.

4. Click on "View your cart" to review your SPSS order

click on view cart

5. After viewing the license agreement, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the box to agree to the End User license Agreement (EULA) and click on "Place your Order"

License agreement
check box and place order

6. Your cart will now display your activation code under "Serial Number"

Tip: Save this serial number or keep this tab open, you will need it later to activate SPSS Statistics.  You should also receive an email from CSUF E-Licensing with the serial number.

serial number
Step 2: Download the Software

1. Go to IBM SPSS Software Page and click "Download IBM SPSS"

  1. Go to the IBM SPSS Software Page
  2. Click on "Download IBM SPSS"

2. Select the "Statistics" folder, then the "Mac" folder, then select "SSC_29_MacOS"

SPSS Dropbox folder, Statistics folder selected, Mac folder selected, SSC_29 selected

3. Click on "Download

Dropbox page, download icon selected

Note: The file download time may vary based on the device and internet connection

Step 3: Install the Software

1. Locate and open the installation file you downloaded

download folder

Note:  The installation file should go to the "downloads" folder by default, unless changed

2. Click Continue

welcome to spss installer continue

3. Read over Important Information and Click Continue

important information

4. Click Continue, then click Agree to Accept the terms in the license agreement

accept software agreement

5. Set you installation path, click continue, then click Install

Tip: It is recommended you leave the default path

installation folder window

6. Make sure Macintosh HD is the disk that is selected to install the SPSS software.  Click on Continue.

select a destination

7. You may be asked to enter a password to install the software.  Please enter your desktop/laptop password and click on "Install software"

enter computer password and install software

You might also receive a message saying "Installer would like to access your files in your Downloads folder.  Click OK to allow access

allow access to dropbox folder

8. Allow the program to install; when finished, click Close.

Note: The progress bar

installation progress and confirmation
Step 4: Activate the Software

1. Open SPSS for the first time, then click on "Launch License Wizard"

activate ibm spss statistics

2. Select "Authorized user license" and click Next >

product authorization

3. Enter the serial number you received and click "Add"

enter codes

Once you see that the code is added, click on Next>

click next

4. You will receive a confirmation that the authorization succeeded.  You can click Next>

internet authorization status

5. Once your IBM SPSS Statistics app is licensed, IBM SPSS will open and you can start using the program

spss app opening
spss is open
Where is SPSS located?
  1. Open the Launchpad app (looks like 9 colorful squares)
  2. Find the application labeled "SPSS Statistics"
locate spss from launchpad
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