Adding Course Attendance to Canvas

This article will show faculty how to add the Course Attendance Report to a Canvas course.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access Canvas.

2. Select a course from either your dashboard or the Courses menu.

Canvas dashboard

Add Course Attendance Report to Your Course

View detailed instructions on adding Course Attendance Report to your course

1. Select Modules and then choose + Module.

Modules screen
  1. Click on Modules.
  2. Then click on + Module to add a new module.

2. Give your module a name such as Course Attendance. Then click Add Module.

Add module screen
  1. Give your module a name (e.g., Course Attendance).
  2. Then click Add Module.

3. Click the plus sign at the top right of the new module.

new module

4. Use the drop-down menu to select External Tool. Scroll down to select Course Attendance Report. Then click Add Item.

add external tool
  1. Select External Tool from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Course Attendance Report.
  3. Then click Add Item.

5. Click on the three dots next to the Course Attendance Report tool.

expand menu

6. Click Edit.

edit tool

7. Place a checkmark next to Load in a new tab. Then click Update.

edit item details

8. You're done! The Course Attendance Report feature is now ready to use.

You most likely do NOT want to publish this module as your students will not need to see it.

course attendance report added to module

Add or Remove a Student's Attendance

View detailed instructions on adding/removing attendance

1. Click on the Course Attendance Report link in your Course Attendance module.

Course Attendance Report link

2. Click Load Course Attendance Report in a new window.

load in new window

3. By default, the current date will appear. Use the drop-down menu to select a different date. To add attendance for a student, click Add Attendance.

add attendance
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select another date.
  2. Click Add Attendance next to a student to mark them as attended.

4. You can click Remove Attendance to remove the attendance entry. Or click Mark Tardy to mark the student as tardy to the class.

remove attendance or mark tardy
  1. Click Remove Attendance to remove the attendance entry for the student.
  2. Click Mark Tardy to mark the student as tardy to the class.

5. To return to your main course homepage, simply go back to the Canvas window/tab.

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