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Creating a Recurring Google Hangouts Meet Session

This article covers how faculty can create a recurring Google Hangouts Meet web conference session for their classes.

1. Log in to Google Apps with your CSUF account.

2. Click on the Google App selector and choose Calendar.

Google app selector

3. Click Create.

create button

4. Click More Options.

The quick event add screen is difficult to use for recurring meetings, but works well for a single meeting.

quick event add

5. Enter the details about the date, time, and recurrence. Then click Add conferencing.

event details

6. Choose Hangouts Meet.

hangouts meet

7. A Meet session is created. Click on the meeting to view more details about it.

meet session created

8. Share the meeting information with your students by copying the meeting information and pasting it into an email or Canvas. Or you can add your students' email addresses to the meeting Guests section.

If you send your students the meeting information, you will need to admit each student into the session when it starts. The student will click "ask to join" and you will click "admit."

To avoid this, you will want to instead add their email addresses to the Guests section. This will allow the students to join the meeting without you having to admit them.

meeting info
  1. Copy and paste the meeting information into an email or Canvas to share it with your students.
  2. OR enter the students' email addresses to send them a calendar invite.
  3. You can also click Add live stream to add a live stream to your meeting.

9. Click Save to save your meeting. This will also send the calendar invite to anyone listed in the Guests section.

save meeting

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