Students: How to Access and Use OneDrive

This article covers how CSUF students can access their campus OneDrive account, create documents in OneDrive, upload files to OneDrive, and share a file/folder with another student.

How do I set up my OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton account?

The only way to use the OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton account is to install Office 365. You can find instructions and the link to install Office 365 on the STS website.

I already have Office 365/Office 2013/Office 2011. Why do I need to use your version?

CSUF has an agreement with Microsoft to provide a version of Office 365 with specific products available, including the most recent desktop version of Office applications and 1 TB of storage on OneDrive. In order to qualify for this agreement, students need to install Office 365 using the instructions at the STS website.

How do I access my OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton?

1. Open your internet/web browser to the CSUF Office 365 webpage.

2. Click on Students.

CSUF Microsoft Office landing page

3. Enter your student email address. Then click Next.

Microsoft sign in
  1. Enter your student email address.
  2. Then click Next.

4. Enter your campus password. Then click Sign in.

CSUF Student Authentication
  1. Enter your campus password. This is the same password that you use to log on to the campus portal.
  2. Then click Sign In.

5. You'll be prompted to authenticate with Duo.

Duo push notification

Remember you can use Other options to choose another way to authenticate with Duo.

6. Click on the app selector icon at the top left of the screen.

Microsoft 365 homepage

7. Select OneDrive.

Office 365 homepage

8. You're in!

OneDrive homepage
How do I create documents in my OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton?

Creating and saving documents to your OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton account can get confusing, especially if you have a personal OneDrive account. The steps below may seem a little complicated, but this is the simplest way to make sure that your documents save properly. If you are comfortable trying something that requires more advanced computer skills, stop by the Student Genius Center in the Library and we’ll show you how!

1. Click New and then choose the type of document you want to create.

OneDrive homepage
  1. Click New.
  2. Select the type of document you want to create.
Document menu in Word
  1. You will see a cloud icon with a checkmark when changes to your document are saved every few minutes.
  2. Click on the down carat icon to expand the document menu.
  3. File Name allows you to view/change the name of the document.
  4. Location shows where the document is saved in your OneDrive.
  5. Save status shows the last time the document was automatically saved.

3. To open the document in the full version of the Office application, click on the editing button and then choose Open in Desktop App.

Not all features are available in the online version of the application, so opening a file in the desktop version of the app will give you access to all of the available features of the app.

editing menu
  1. Click on the editing button.
  2. Then select Open in Desktop App.

3.1. If prompted, click Open [name of app] (e.g., Open Word) to finish opening the file in the desktop app.

warning about opening file

3.2. You are now editing the document in the full version of Office on your computer.

Notice the Save icon looks slightly different than usual. It is indicating that when you save you are saving the document back to your OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton account and not to your computer’s hard drive. The AutoSave option is also typically automatically enabled meaning that changes to the document will automatically be saved every few minutes.

sampled document in Word desktop app
3.2.1. You may see a message in your web browser that the file has been opened in the desktop application. Click X to close the message.
All done message
How do I upload files from my computer to my OneDrive @ Cal State Fullerton?
How do I share a file/folder with another student?

Sharing a file or folder with another student or group of students is easy. Of course, you will need to know the campus username of the other student(s) that you want to share with before you get started.

1. Place a checkmark next to the folder or file you want to share. Either click the share icon or click the actions menu and select Share.

sharing options
  1. Place a checkmark next to the folder or file you want to share.
  2. Click the share arrow icon.
  3. Or click on Share in the menu bar above your files.

2. Type the email addresses of the people you want to share the folder/file with. Once the system finds the student (or you've typed the full email address), you can select the student's username. You can also specify the permissions you want to give them.

select students to share with
  1. Type the email address of each student that you want to share the folder/file with. As you type, the system will search for the student. Once they appear, select the student you want to add.
  2. The default sharing access will allow the students to edit the folder/file, but you can click to change the sharing permissions.

3. Once you have entered all of the students you want to share the folder/file with, you can add an optional comment that will be sent with the sharing invitation email. Then click Send.

Note that until the other students accept the sharing invitation, you won't see them listed as sharing with you.

send sharing invite
  1. Optional: enter a comment to be added to the sharing invitation email.
  2. Then click Send.
confirm share

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-8888.

Visit the Student Genius Center on the first floor of the Pollak Library North. View the SGC website for their hours and more information.

For additional help and resources, view the Microsoft Office Help & Resources article