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Titan Digital Signage Terminology & Structure

This article covers Titan Digital Signage terminology and a diagram of the channel setup.


This diagram shows how the content of the information on digital signs is structured.

terminology and structure diagram


Term Description
Individual areas within a bulletin template. Types of blocks include text, images, shapes, or videos. 
Content that you add to the zones. Types of bulletins include text, images, videos, Twitter feeds, weather information, clocks, and more.
Everything that is shown on a digital sign when it is turned on. It is comprised of one or more zones placed together in an arrangement that makes up the boundaries of the channel.
Scrolling single line text-only zone appearing at the top or bottom of the screen, similar to a news ticker.
Digital Sign
Indoor and outdoor digital display that shows text, images, videos, and dynamic content.
Full Screen Alert
Content designed to override a channel layout. They are typically used for urgent information such as emergencies/disasters or emergent information such as breaking news alerts.
Layout A design for the arrangement of content on a channel or zone.
Tag Zones can be grouped by tags to allow users to access all zones with a particular tag.
Template A design for the arrangement of content on a bulletin which has been saved as a bulletin template.
Wayfinding Kiosk
Indoor and outdoor interactive digital display that is used solely to assist with campus navigation. *Note that the Titan Digital Signage system is NOT used to manage Wayfinding Kiosks. These kiosks are managed by Information Technology using another system.
Individual areas within a channel. All of your content is placed into zones.

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Visit the Titan Digital Signage webpage for more information on the system, including available layouts, best practices, and how to get access to manage content on a digital sign.

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.