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Students: How To Set Up Your Workspace for a Proctorio Exam

Proctorio is an online platform that delivers accurate and reliable remote exam proctoring. This article covers how CSUF students can set up their workspace prior to taking an exam for the best results.

It is recommended that you allow at least 30 minutes prior to your exam to set up your workspace for your first exam with Proctorio. This will allow you to make adjustments without cutting into your exam time.

What is a workspace?

Your workspace is the area between you and your computer/laptop as well as the surrounding area.

Preparing Your Workspace

Try out various setups for your workspace well in advance of your exam to avoid cutting into your exam time.

  • You will need to be alone in a quiet environment as Proctorio will log any excessive noise, conversations, or other people on the webcam as potential cheating.
  • Your workspace should be well lit so your face and the surrounding area are clearly visible on the webcam.
  • A strong internet connection is recommended. Please ask family members or roommates who share your internet to avoid streaming games or video during your exam. If possible, plug your laptop into your router using an ethernet cable. Using public Wi-Fi is not recommended as the connections can be unstable.
  • If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in and charging.
  • Put away all study materials such as books or notes.
  • Put away cell phones, tablets, headphones, earbuds, and other electronic devices (unless specifically approved by your instructor).
  • Please be mindful of what you are wearing as well as items that may appear in the background.
  • Have your campus ID ready to show.
  • Start up Google Chrome with a fresh session by clearing your cache. This helps avoid errors that might be stuck in your browser's cache. No other applications should be running on your computer.
  • When doing a room scan, always move your camera slowly around your workspace and the surrounding area to make sure the scans are clear and visible. Note: if you are using a desktop computer with a built-in webcam (such as an iMac), you can use a mirror to show your workspace.

Need More Help?

If you are experiencing technical issues, contact Proctorio 24/7 at [email protected] or call (866) 948-9248.

You can also visit the Proctorio Support for Test-Takers for more information on Proctorio and for support via live chat.