Jaws & ZoomText for Windows (Students)

This article covers how CSUF students can register and activate Jaws & ZoomText.

Step 1: Register for a Freedom Scientific Account

1. Go to Freedom Scientific's Edu Site, enter your CSUF student email, then click on "Search" and "Continue to Registration"

a. Go to Freedom Scientific's Edu Site

b. Enter your CSUF student email

c. Click on Continue to Registration

enter CSUF email

2. Enter the required information to register (*) and click on “Register” to create a Freedom Scientific account

Alert: Do NOT use your campus password to create the account. Please create a new password upon signing up.

register page
Step 2: Verify your email & login

1. Check your CSUF email account for a confirmation registration email. If you have not received an email, check your spam folder

Tip: If you still haven’t receive an email, click on “Resend my confirmation email”

registration confirmation

2. Once you verify your email, you will then be redirected to the Freedom Scientific login screen. Enter your CSUF email and password that you created in the earlier steps and click on Sign In

Sign In

3. Select your preferred software. Jaws or ZoomText by clicking on their respective “Add” buttons.

Warning: You can only request one of the software applications provided and will not be able to get both. The software can be installed on up to 3 computers

My Products page
Step 3: Install & Activate the Software

1. After you have selected your software, you will then be able to install it to your computer. Click on the name of the software you selected. In this example we selected JAWS, click on Jaws Home Annual

Note: The remaining steps show installation for JAWS, however the process will be the same for ZoomText. 

JAWS home annual

2. Before starting the installation process, make sure you are using the computer that you want to install the software on; once ready, click on activate this computer

Alert: Make sure you are currently using the computer that you want the software to be installed on!

product details

3. You will then see a "File Download Notification" window; click "OK" then open the file once the download is complete

File Ex: (NameofUserJAWSLicenseActivator.exe)

file download notification

4. Click on "Yes, Install, and Activate", then click on “Yes” on the Windows security box

Note: If you have the software installed and only need to Activate it, you may select “No, just Activate”

setup JAWS

5. The installation wizard will start up; Click on the box for “I accept the license agreement”, then select "Install"

end user license agreement

6. The application is now installed, click on "Close"

activated successfully

Jaws/ZoomText is now Installed & Activated

Need help using Jaws or ZoomText?

For more information on how to use the products please go to the following Documentation Pages: 

JAWS Documentation Page

Zoomtext Documentation Page

Need technical support?

Contact: (727) 803-8600 or [email protected]

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 7 PM, Eastern Time