Reviewing Mobile Devices Connected to Your Email Account

This article covers how to review the mobile devices that are syncronized with your campus mailbox.

WARNING: You will only be able to see devices connected with services such as Exchange ActiveSync.  Devices using POP or IMAP will not show up in the mobile device window.  Most newer devices use Exchange ActiveSync.

2. Click on the gear, then under Your app setting, then click Mail.

Settings menu
  1. Once in your email on the web, click the settings gear.
  2. Then under Your app setting, click Mail.

3. Expand the General tab, then click Mobile devices.

Options menu
  1. Click and expand the General tab.
  2. Then click on Mobile devices.

4. Review the devices that are connected to your email account.

Mobile devices screen

Notice the devices listed.  If you no longer have a device, feel free to remove it from your list.  

Expand a device label to learn more about it.

Details icon
1. Details icon

Click the Details icon to find out details about a connected device. Depending on the device, you may be able to see the device type, OS information, date first synced, and last sync time.

Remove icon
2. Remove icon

Click the Remove icon to remove the selected device from your campus email account you no longer have. This can also sometimes resolve email issues you may be having with a device.  

REMEMBER: You have a limited number of devices you can sync to your account (10), so it is highly recommended that you remove any devices from your account you no longer have or log into your campus email account with.

If you accidentally remove a device don't worry.  When you access your email on this device again, it will be re-added to your list of devices.

Wipe all data icon
3. Wipe All Data icon

Click the Wipe all data icon to remotely wipe all data from the selected device.

CAUTION: This is only recommended if your device has been lost/stolen.

Start Logging icon
4. Start Logging icon

Click the Start Logging icon to request a log that shows the interaction between Exchange and your device, if the device synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange.

This option will not appear if the device is not capable of providing a log.

Example: With Logging option
Logging option enabled
Example: Without Logging option
Logging option disabled
Refresh icon
5. Refresh icon...

Click the Refresh icon to refresh the mobile devices on the page.

Need More Help?

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