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Grant Delegation Access to Your Campus Outlook Account on a PC

This article covers how to set up a delegate for your (the manager) campus Outlook account. Delegates are mainly used to maintain the manager's calendar (i.e. schedule and accept meetings on your behalf) but the manager can also allow delegates to view their email, tasks, and contacts.

You (the manager) must use a desktop version of Microsoft Outlook in order to add or remove delegates.

Access Account Settings

1. In Microsoft Outlook, select File.

In Microsoft Outlook, select the File option.

2. Under the Info section, click Account Settings, then select Delegate Access.

Under Account Settings, select Delegate Access.
  1. Click Info.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Select Delegate Access.

Add Delegate Account

3. Click Add.

Click Add.

4. Find the delegate you want to add. Click Add. Then, click OK.

Find the delegate, click Add, and then click OK.
  1. Click on the delegate's name to highlight it.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click OK.

Assign Permissions

5. Specify the permissions for the delegate. Then, click OK.

An easy way to notify this delegate of their permissions is to check the box to automatically send an email to them summarizing their permissions.

Specify the permissions for the delegate.

A.   Use the drop-down menus and checkboxes to select the permissions you want this specific delegate to have in each area.

  • None: delegate cannot access this feature of your account
  • Reviewer: delegate can read items
  • Author: delegate can read and add items
  • Editor: delegate can read, modify and add item

B.   Click OK.

6. Choose your meeting request/response options. Then, click OK.

These settings will apply to ALL of your delegates.

Choose your meeting request/response options and then click OK.
  1. Use the radio buttons to specify how you (the manager) want your meeting requests and responses to be handled.
  2. Click OK.

Did you (the manager) share your email?

In reference to email, the permissions set above only give a delegate access to add an account to a manager's mailbox.  The delegate will not be able to see any of the manager's mail folders, including the Inbox. In order for the delegate to view the manager's inbox and other folders that have been shared, view instructions to Grant Access to your Campus Mailbox and Folders to a Delegate.

To help your delegate setup their Outlook to manage your email account, have them follow instructions to Add an Additional Mailbox in Outlook as a Delegate.

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