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Search for a Contact in Outlook Address List

This article covers how to search for a contact or email address in the Outlook address book .

These instructions were created on a PC.  AccessMac instructions are similar.

Search for a Contact from Your Computer

1.1. within an email.

Follow these instructions when creating a new email or on an existing email..

Create a new email, then click "To..."

new outlook email
1.2. from the address book.

In the menu bar, click the "Address Book" icon.

Outlook Home tab

2. Click the Address Book drop-down, then select Global Address List.

Address Book drop down
  1. Click the drop-down for the address book.
  2. Select the Global Address List.

Selecting the Global Address List will ensure you are selecting contacts from the campus directory.  Select Contacts listed under your mailbox account to see any contacts created in the personal contact list.

3. In the search window, type the name of the contact.

Global Address List

As you type the contact name, the contact that best fits your entry will populate to the top of the address window.  Double-click on the desired contact name.

Under Name Only you will only be able to search for contact members by their last name or department name.  To search by other fields in the contact, change the search option to More columns or use Advanced Find.

Search using More Columns and Advanced Find

3.1. Change the search option to More Columns...
Global Address List
  1. Select More columns to search for a contacts by email address, first or last name, etc.  
  2. Type the contact name you want to search, then click Go.  
  3. Only the contacts that match the name typed will populate in the search result window. Double-click on the desired contact name.

You will only be able to search fields identified in the contact address book.  Look at Advanced Find to see the fields you can search.

3.2. Select Advanced Find...
Global Address List

3.2.1. Type the name or data you want to search in a field, then click OK.

Find screen
  1. Type the contact's information you want to search for in any of the advanced fields.
  2. Click OK.

3.2.2. The list of contact(s) will populate based on the data typed in the field.

Global Address List search results
  1. Based on the data typed in the Advanced Find field, data is retrieved from the address book.
  2. Select and double-click on the desired contact name you are looking for from the search window.

REMEMBER:  If you cannot find a contact in the address book, make sure you have included spaces, hyphens, etc. as they should appear in the name.  You will need to type the name exactly as it appears in the address book in order for them to populate in the search result window.

4. If the contact was searched...

4.1. within an email, select the contact name to add it to your email.
Global Address List

Select to highlight the contact name.

Click To -> to populate the contact name in the email.

Click OK.

4.1.1. The contact name is populated into the email.

new email with To field populated
4.2. from the address book, you will be able to view the selected account's contact information
Outlook user profile

Click OK to close the contact information.

Search for a Contact using Outlook on the web.

These instructions can also be used if you are using a Mac computer.

2. Access the People icon...

from the email window.

1. Click the people icon.

Outlook on the web

Click the people icon located in the bottom left corner on the page.

2. Select "Directory".

Outlook on the web people screen

Changing the default selection from Featured people to Directory will allow you to search the entire campus directory of accounts, not just your personal list of accounts and contacts.

from the menu bar.

1. Click the grid square in the top left corner.

Outlook on the web

2. Click "All Apps".

Microsoft apps

3. Search for the people icon.

People option
  1. Type people in the search window.
  2. Click the People icon.

4. This will open to Directory, allowing you to search all campus accounts.

Outlook directory

3. In the Search Directory window type the contact name.

directory search
  1. Type the name in the search window you are looking for.
  2. Select the name when it populates in the pop-up window.  

Click the magnifying glass or hit Enter on a PC, (Return on a Mac) to be directed to the Search results window, then click the name in the search results window.

directory search results

4. Click on an contact to display their contact information.

outlook user profile

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