Campus Distribution List Resources

This article contains resources to assist users in crafting appropriate and accessible emails to be sent to the campus community.

Mainly these rules apply to emails sent to campus distribution lists such as DL-Campus Employees, but these are best practices for sending emails to any distribution list.

Where noted, IT has provided resources for standard users (users who are sending typical email messages to campus) as well as for more advanced users who want to know more detail about accessibility and standards.

Campus Standards

Standard User Resources


CSUF Brand Central

  • The official website for CSUF branding. Includes official typography and color standards as well as downloads of the university signature block and logo.

Advanced User Resources

Website Standards & Guidelines

  • provides guidance on creating webpages, but includes many tips on using appropriate color contrast (including with university colors) and typography.
Accessibility Resources

Standard User Resources

Micrososft Office: Add alternative text to a shape, picture, chart, table, SmartArt graphic, or other object

  • This article covers how to add alternative (alt) text to an image, shape, etc. in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office: Learn to create more accessible Word documents

  • This set of tutorials covers many accessibility features including finding and fixing issues, using alt text, using heading styles, and more!

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

  • CSU Fullerton's website on the Accessible Technology Initiative.

Professional Development for Accessible Technology

  • The CSU's website on the Accessible Technology Initiative. Includes video tutorials and guides.

Advanced User Resources

CSU Executive Order 926

  • This CSU executive order mandates CSU campuses to make its programs, services, and activities accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

  • This federal law requires equally effective access to electronic & ITproducts and services.

w3schools HTML Color Picker

  • This tool can assist you in picking accessible colors by showing you how the color would appear with black or white text on it as well as different shades of the color.
Accessible Attachments

Attachments can serve two purposes: provide additional information and provide information in an accessible way for people with disabilities. Whenever you attach anything to an email that is being sent to the campus, be sure that the attachment is accessible.

Standard User Resources

The following resources can assist you in creating accessible documents.


Microsoft Office: Use the Accessibility Checker on your Windows desktop to find accessibility issues

  • This article covers how to use the Accessibility Checker in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to make your documents accessible.

Microsoft: Create accessible PDFs

  • This article covers how to save a Microsoft Office document as an accessible PDF. NOTE: you may want to check these PDFs with the Adobe Acrobat accessibility checker.

Adobe Acrobat: Create and verify PDF accessibility

  • This article covers the basics of using Adobe Acrobat Pro to make your PDF accessible.

Professional Development for Accessible Technology: Documents & Multimedia

  • The CSU's website contains video tutorials on makgin accessible documents and multimedia including: Microsoft products, Adobe PDF, InDesign, Libraries, Captioning, STEM, and eTextbooks.

HHS Section 508 Accessibility checklists

  • Dept of Health & Human Services checklists for ensuring documents are accessible including: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML file, and multimedia file. While their guidelines are slightly different from ours, these checklists are a useful way to approach making documents accessible.

Advanced User Resources

w3schools HTML Color Picker

  • This tool can assist you in picking accessible colors by showing you how the color would appear with black or white text on it as well as different shades of the color.

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