Office 365 Email Setup on Mac

This article will walk you through the steps to set up Outlook on your home computer. You will need to download Office 365 Pro Plus for Mac, which, depending your Internet connection speed can take up to an hour. If you already have Office 365 Pro Plus for Mac and configured to retrieve your CSUF  email and are having issues, you can remove the settings and follow  these instructions.

Install Office 2016 for Mac

Prior to going through this installation of Office, you must remove any previous version of Office currently installed on your Mac

1. Go to the Office homepage using the web browser of your choice. Click “Sign in” either on the top-right of your screen or in the middle

Office home page

Open your browser to the Office homepage. Then click Sign in.

2. Enter your email address under "Sign in"

the email should be in this format: [email protected]

Microsoft sign in

3. Microsoft will detect your CSUF email address and redirect you to the CSUF Faculty/Staff Authentication page. Enter your campus password and click Sign In.

Your campus email address should already be populated on this screen, but if not, you can type it in.

Faculty/Staff sign in

4. Choose whether or not you would like to stay signed in by clicking "No" or "Yes"

If you are doing this on a shared computer we recommend you click on "No" otherwise, if this is your personal computer you can click "Yes" just be aware that when you change your password you will need to enter the new password when signing in

Stay signed in

5. Near the top-right of your screen, click “Install Office apps” and click “Office 2016” from the drop-down menu that appears

Office 2016 install page

6. The setup file will be downloaded and a pop-up from Microsoft will appear with instructions on how to run the setup file

Note that these instructions may vary based on the web browser that you are using. For this documentation, Safari is being used

Installation instructions

7. You will be brought to the following screen once opening the .pkg file that was downloaded, click "Continue"

Install office 2016 for Mac

8. Click "Continue"

Software license agreement

9. Click "Agree"

Agree button

10. Click "Continue"

Typical installation type is "Install for all users of this computer"

Install location

11. Click "Install"

Install button

12. Enter the user name and password that you use to log into your Mac

The account must have administrative rights in order to install the software

Username and password

13. Wait for the installation to finish. The installation’s “Install time remaining” may not be entirely accurate and it may take several minutes to complete despite what it says. Please be patient

Running scripts

14. Click "Close"

Installation successful

Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac

1. Open "Finder" and navigate to your "Applications" folder and launch Microsoft Outlook

Applications folder

2. Click "Get Started"

Outlook setup

3. Click "Start Using Outlook"

Outlook install complete

4. If Outlook finds your email account, click Add [email protected] and your account will be set up automatically and you can skip to step 7.

Outlook email account found

5. If you are prompted to enter your email address, enter your email address ([email protected]) and click "Continue"

Outlook add email

6. Enter your campus password and click Sign In.

Your campus email address should already be populated on this screen, but if not, you can type it in.

CSUF Microsoft login page

7. Your account is now setup. Click "Done"

Account setup done

Need more help?

Contact the CSUF IT helpdesk at (657)278-7777 or [email protected]