Sending an Email to a Distribution List

This article covers how users can send emails to distribution lists in the campus Microsoft Outlook Global Address Book.

These instructions are for distribution lists created in the campus Global Address Book. If you create contact groups in your own email account in Outlook, you can find instructions on the Microsoft Support website.

1. Compose your email and review it for accuracy. Then click on the To field and enter the full name of the distribution list in the Global Address List search field.

Open the Global Address List
  1. Click on the To field in your email.
  2. Enter the full name of the distribution list you want to send to in the search field.

2. Double click on the entry and then click OK.

Pick a DL
  1. Double click on the distribution list name to add it to the To field.
  2. Click OK.

3. Review your email at least one more time for content and accessibility. Then click Send. You're done!

Email to be sent

I get an error when trying to send to a distribution list!

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