Office 365 Email Setup on PC

This article will walk you through the steps to set up Outlook on your home computer. You will need to download Office 365 Pro Plus, which, depending your Internet connection speed can take up to an hour. If you already have Office 365 Pro Plus and configured to retrieve your CSUF email and are having issues, you can remove the settings and follow these instructions.

Install Office 2016

Prior to going through this installation of Office, you must remove any previous version of Office currently installed on your PC

1. Go to using the web browser of your choice. Click “Sign in” either on the top-right of your screen or in the middle.

Sign in

2. Enter your campus email address and then click Next.

Sign in prompt

3. Microsoft will detect your CSUF email address and redirect you to the CSUF Faculty/Staff Authentication page. Enter your campus password and click Sign In.

Your campus email address should already be populated on this screen, but if not, you can type it in.

Faculty/Staff sign in

4. Choose whether or not you would like to stay signed in by clicking "No" or "Yes"

If you are doing this on a shared computer we recommend you click on "No" otherwise, if this is your personal computer you can click "Yes" just be aware that when you change your password you will need to enter the new password when signing in

Stay signed in

5. Near the top-right of your screen, click "Install Office apps" and click "Office 2016" from the drop-down menu that appears

Install Office 2016

6. The setup file will be downloaded and a pop-up from Microsoft will appear with instructions on how to run the setup file

Note that these instructions may vary based on the web browser that you are using. For this documentation, Google Chrome is being used

Install instructions

7. Once you have run the file, Office will begin its installation. This may take several minutes

Installing Office 2016

8. Once it has finished, close all windows currently open

You are all set

Configure Outlook 2016

1. Click the Windows “Start” button at the bottom-left of your screen and look for Outlook 2016

This step may look different than the picture below depending on what version of Windows you have. This documentation was created using Windows 10 Version 1703.15063.909

Outlook 2016

2. Click "Accept" to agree to the Microsoft Office License Agreement

First things first

3. Enter your CSUF email address and click "Connect"

the email should be in this format: [email protected]

Welcome to Outlook

4. The Microsoft Office Faculty/Staff sign in page will pop up. Enter your campus email address and password. Then click Sign In.

We are getting things ready
Faculty and Staff sign in

5. Click "Yes" to add this account to Windows for easier sign ins. Otherwise, click "Skip for now"

Add this account to Windows

6. Wait for your device to be registered and policy to be applied

Hold on while we register

7. Click "Done"

You are all set

8. Un-check the box to "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too" and click OK

Account setup is complete

9. You're all done. It may take a few minutes for Outlook to download your emails

Need Help?

Contact the CSUF IT helpdesk at (657)278-7777 or [email protected]