Find the Owner(s) of a Distribution List

This article shows you how to find out who owns and maintains a distribution list.

Find the owner(s) using Outlook 2016 (PC only)

1. Open your address book, then search for and open the distribution list.

Global Address List
  1. Select the Address Book in your Outlook.
  2. Type the distribution list name, then click Go to search for the DL.
  3. When the name populates in the window, double-click the DL name.

2. View the DL owner.

DL profile

DL owner(s) will be listed on the General tab in the Owner section.

Close the DL window.

Find the owner(s) using Outlook on the web

These instructions can also be used if you are using a Mac computer.

2. Access the People icon...

from the email window

1. Click the people icon.

Outlook on the Web

Click the people icon located in the bottom left corner on the page.

2. Select "Directory".

Outlook on the Web People screen

Changing the default selection from Featured people to Directory will allow you to search the entire campus directory of accounts, not just your personal list of accounts and contacts.

from the menu bar

1. Click the grid square in the top left corner.

Outlook on the Web

2. Click "All Apps".

Apps list

3. Search for the people icon.

People app search
  1. Type people in the search window.
  2. Click the People icon.

4. This will open to Directory, allowing you to search all campus accounts.

Outlook on the Web directory

3. Search the Directory for the distribution list.

Directory search
  1. Type the DL name in the search window.
  2. Select the DL name when it populates in the pop-up window.  

Click the magnifying glass or hit Enter on a PC, (Return on a Mac) to be directed to the Search results window, then click the DL name in the search results window.

directory search results

4. Click "Members".

DL profile

5. View the owner(s) for the DL.

List of distribution list owners

You will be able to view all of the owners listed in the DL.

5.1. Click on an owner of the DL to display their contact information.

user contact info

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