Laptop Workstation Request

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can request a laptop workstation for eligible faculty and staff.

Please do NOT request a IT rollout laptop for an employee until their position has been entered into the campus Human Resources system (CHRS), as their eligibility will be determined by their CHRS position/job information.

Learn more about Campus Rollout Equipment and employee eligibility.

2. Click on Computers and Handhelds.

IT Request Forms section

3. Select Laptop Workstation.

Laptop Workstation request

4. First, indicate if this request is for a new employee by selecting either Yes or No.

is laptop for new hire

4.1. If you choose Yes, use the calendar button to select the new employee's start date.

new employee start date
  1. Click on the calendar button.
  2. Then select the new employee's start date.

5. Next, indicate if this request is for a faculty.

is this for faculty question

6. Next, select the type of laptop.

Typically, Mac laptops are issued to faculty and staff who are in a Mac environment (e.g., College of the Arts).

laptop type

7. Then indicate if the employee needs a monitor.

Monitors are used as part of the docking station setup on campus.

monitor selection

8. Choose whether there is an existing workstation (desktop or laptop) to be picked up.

Typically you will only choose "yes" when this request is for an existing employee.

existing workstation to pick up

9. Enter any specialized hardware or software needs in the Written justification for Additional Components Request section.

You can put any other comments you have about this request in this section as well.

written justification field

10. Click Add to Cart.

add to cart

11. Click Proceed to Checkout.

Please submit any other IT-related requests for this same employee using a separate request to avoid confusion.

proceed to checkout

12. Click Edit to make changes to the request. Enter the name of the employee for whom you are requesting this laptop in the Requested For field. Add any comments about this request in the Special instructions section. Then click Checkout to submit your request.

laptop shopping cart
  1. Click Edit to make changes to the laptop request.
  2. Enter the name of the employee for whom you a requesting this laptop in the Requested for section. You can type the name in or click on the magnifying glass icon to look up a user.
  3. You can add any optional comments in the Special instructions box.
  4. Click Checkout to submit your request.

13. You're done! You'll receive an email confirmation of your request in addition to seeing the Request Number and RITM number.

When contacting the IT Help Desk about this request, it is most helpful to provide the RITM number. But you can also provide the REQ number. Learn more about Request Number vs RITM number.

order submitted

The person listed in the Requested For field will also get an email confirmation of this request.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.