Zoom Phone Request

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can fill out the Zoom Phone request to request a new Zoom Phone softphone or physical desk phone or to request an analog line.

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2. Click on Telephone, Cellular, and Wiring.

IT Request Forms menu with Telephone, Cellular, and Wiring option highlighted

3. Click on Zoom Phone.

zoom phone request link

4. First, choose the location type.

If you want to update a mobile device, you can put the mobile phone number in this field.

location type
  • Private office (Full-time Employees): full-time faculty and staff are eligible for a Zoom Phone softphone/app.
  • Shared office (Part-time Employees): part-time faculty and staff are eligible for a shared Zoom Phone desk phone.
  • Office front desk (Receptionist): reception areas are eligible for Zoom Phone desk phones to allow staff and student employees to answer calls
  • Analog line: non-Zoom Phone/VoIP line required in some circumstances (e.g., faxes, modems)

5. Select Softphone as the Line type.

Softphone is the only option for Line type at this time. If a physical/desk phone is being requested, Telecom will determine the appropriate phone model and install it.

line type

6. For Shared office requests, click on the lock button to specify the users who are sharing the office.

list of users

6.1. Start typing the user's last name and then select their name from the search results.

add user to list
  1. Start typing the user's last name.
  2. Select the appropriate user from the search results.

6.2. Repeat this process until you have added all of the users who are sharing the office.

all users added

7. Start typing the building and room number for this request. Then select the appropriate location from the search results.

For softphones, this will be the user's campus office location (typically the same one that is in Outlook). For physical/desk phones, this will be the location where you want the desk phone installed.

building room

8. For Zoom Phone requests, enter the data jack number for this request.

For softphones, you can enter the data jack number associated with the user's laptop/desktop computer. For physical/desk phones, enter the data jack that the phone will be plugged into so Telecom can program the jack for the phone.

Data jacks may begin with D or they may simply be a four digit number.

data jack number

9. For Analog line requests, enter the voice jack number for this request.

Voice Jacks typically begin with a V. If you do not see a voice jack on the outlet, you may need to fill out a Wiring Request.

voice jack number

10. Select the calling area for the phone.

calling area

11. Enter the Account Code associated with this request.

new extension and location

12. Click Add to Cart.

add request to cart

13. If you are done ordering items, click Proceed to Checkout.

You can add other items/requests to your cart, but be sure that they are all related to the same person or situation (i.e., you would not typically have a Zoom Phone request and a Phone Modification request in the same cart).

proceed to checkout

Click Proceed to Checkout when you are ready to submit the order.

14. Click Edit to make changes to the request. Enter the name of the employee for whom you are requesting this Zoom Phone in the Requested For field. Add any comments about this request in the Special instructions section. Then click Checkout to submit your request.

You can put your own name in the Requested For field if this is a shared office request or department extension/front office request.

ready to checkout
  1. Click Edit to make changes to the Zoom Phone request.
  2. Enter the name of the employee for whom you a requesting this Zoom Phone in the Requested for section. You can type the name in or click on the  magnifying glass icon to look up a user.
  3. You can add any optional comments in the Special instructions box.
  4. Click Checkout to submit your request.

15. You're done! You'll receive an email confirmation of your request in addition to seeing the Request Number and RITM number.

When contacting the IT Help Desk about this request, it is most helpful to provide the RITM number. But you can also provide the REQ number. Learn more about Request Number vs RITM number.

order submitted

The person listed in the Requested For field will also get an email confirmation of this request.

Need More Help?

Contact Telecom at [email protected] or the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.