Creating a Canvas Guest Account

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators can request a guest account for the campus LMS, Canvas.

1. Log in to the IT Service Request Forms and access Account Management.

2. Select Email/Login Accounts and then click New Account.

email login accounts screen with new account higlighted
  1. Select Email/Login Accounts.
  2. Then click New Account.

3. Select Other from the drop-down menu.

request for drop down menu

4. Then select Affiliate Account.

type drop down menu

5. Select LMS Guest.

hoiw will account be used drop down menu

6. Enter the guest's information as well as the department and person sponsoring the account. Then click Continue.

New Computer/Email Account screen
  1. Enter the user's First Name.
  2. Enter the user's Last Name.
  3. Enter the user's Display First Name.
  4. Enter the user's Display Last Name.
  5. Enter a Preferred username for the user. NOTE: The username must begin with "afti" to identify the account as an affiliate account (e.g., afti-tuffytitan).
  6. Enter the Off-Campus Email for the user.
  7. Enter the Mobile phone for the user. NOTE: this is necessary to set up Duo two-factor authentication which is required to access Canvas.
  8. Select the appropriate department from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the campus Location where the user will be located.
  10. Enter the username of the person who is sponsoring this affiliate  (e.g., a faculty member, department chair, dean, etc.).
  11. Then click Continue.

7. Verify the information is correct. Then click Submit.

Confirmation screen

8. You will receive an email confirmation that your request was submitted. Once the account has been created, you will receive an email with the username and password.

Confirmation page

9. Once the account has been created, email [email protected] with the CWID, first name, last name, and email address of the guest so the Canvas account can be created.

10. Guests will NOT log in to Canvas from the campus portal. They will log in directly at the CSUF Canvas login page.

Guests will log in at the CSUF Canvas login page with the afti-username (e.g., afti-tuffytitan) and the password that was created for the account.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for additional assistance.

If you have already submitted the request, please have the Request ID available.