Extending the Expiration Date of an Email Account

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can extend the expiration date of an email account.

You can use the extend expiration process to extend the expiration date of an active email account as well as re-enable an email account that has been disabled and there is no active People Directory position.

1. Log in to the IT Service Request Forms and access Account Management.

2. Click on Email/Login Accounts.

Account Management main screen

3. Then search for the email account whose expiration date you want to extend. If the Status is Disabled, you will also be able to re-enable the account during this process.

Note you can enter partial information in the search field such as a Last Name to locate an account.

locate email account

Enter search criteria such as Name, CWID, username (e.g., jsmith), or Department.

4. Place a checkmark next to the account. Then click Extend Expiration.

select account
  1. Place a checkmark next to the account you want to re-enable.
  2. Then click Extend Expiration.

5. First, indicate the new expiration date for the account.

The expiration date of an email account does not need to be tied to an employee's last day of work. You can keep the account active for a few days/weeks/months after an employee has left employment; it will not impact any Human Resources or Payroll-related processes.

new expiration date

What date should I put?

  • If the employee is an on-going employee (e.g., fiscal renewal employee), it's recommended that you pick a date that is six (6) months from now which is the maximum amount of time you can add. This allows time for their rehire to be added to the relevant Human Resources system at which point their end date will be updated to match what is in the Human Resources system.
  • If the employee has an end date, it is recommended that you put the day AFTER their last day to avoid the account being disabled while they are still working. For example, if their last day is Friday, September 4th, you would want to put their end date as Saturday, September 5th.
  • If this is for a department account, you can set the expiration date for up to one year in the future. These accounts must be renewed annually.

6. Use the drop-down menu to select a reason for the account extension.

reason for extension
  • Contract Renewal or Rehire: the employee is still working in your department or will still be working in your department, but the update has not yet been processed by Human Resources.
  • Pending Emeritus request: the employee has retired, but a request for emeritus status is in process. This allows the account to remain active while the emeritus request is reviewed. Once the emeritus status is granted, the account should update to add an Emeritus position in the People Directory. Be sure to email [email protected] if an employee has been granted emeritus status and you do not see the change in Account Management or Outlook.
  • Non-Person Account in use: this is a department account that is still in use and needs to be renewed for another year.
  • Other: there is another reason you want to extend the account.

6.1. If you choose Other, you will need to enter a justification.

other justification

Please note that all justifications must meet CSU audit requirements.

7. For employee accounts, choose the People Directory Position that you want to extend for the employee.

Be sure to choose a position that is in the correct department!

available People Directory positions

Remember that ASC/Foundation employees and ASI employees do not typically have position percentages as their employment is not through campus Human Resources.

Choose the position you want to extend.

  • If there is a position with the Position Status as Active, that is typically the position you will select.
  • If the Position Status is Separated, typically you will look for positions with a number in the Percentage column as those are positions added from the Human Resources system.

8. For department accounts, enter the username of the person who is using the account (if not already populated).

username of person using the account

This is typically the primary user/owner for the department account.

9. Review the information for this account and make any necessary adjustments. Then click Continue.

review and then continue

10. Click Extend Expiration.

submit request

11. You will see a confirmation that your request has been submitted. You will also get email confirmation of your request.

request submitted

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.