Activate Data Jack Request

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can request a data jack activation to turn on network access for that jack.

2. Click on Other Services.

IT Request Forms section

3. Select Activate Data Jack.

Activate Data Jack request

4. First, select who is requesting the data jack activation.

You can type the name into the field or use the magnifying glass icon to look up a user.

who is requesting

You can put your own name in this field if this is a department request.

5. Next, enter the jack number that you want to be activated.

All of the white data outlet boxes should be labeled with the jack numbers associated with each port/jack on the box. Some outlets will have just one data jack and others may have multiple jacks.

jack number

6. Enter the building and room number where the data jack is located.

data jack location

7. Choose the network that you want to enable for this data jack.

If you click on the Help option, you'll see that Private is used most often for labs and Public is used for most other data jacks. Your department technician or IT staff will let you know if a Specific VLAN is needed.

type of network

8. Enter any special instructions or comments about the request in the Special Instructions field.

written justification field

9. Click Submit to submit your request.

Note that this request is immediately submitted when you click Submit. You will not have the ability to view/edit the request in a shopping cart before submitting.

submit request

10. You're done! You'll receive an email confirmation of your request in addition to seeing the Incident (INC) number for your request.

Data jack activation requests are processed as "incidents" which are similar to the tickets you get when you call or email the Help Desk.

order submitted

The person you listed as requesting this data jack activation will also get an email confirmation of this request.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.