Requesting Guest Wireless Accounts

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can request multiple guest wireless accounts to be used by attendees at a campus event.

1. Click Software and Access.

Software and Access menu

2. Click Guest Wireless Account Request.

Guest Wireless Account Request Form

3. Enter the name and location(s) for your event.

Event name and location(s)
  1. Enter the name of the event.
  2. Enter each location that will be used for the event.

NOTE: The location information is used to assess wireless coverage in your location(s) so be as descriptive as possible, especially if your location(s) do not have a building/room location or name. For example, you might write "lawn area in front of Dan Black Hall" or "Parking Lot E near Nutwood Parking structure."

4. Enter the start and end dates for your event.

Event dates

Use the calendar icon to select the date when your event begins and the date when the event ends.

NOTE: These should be the dates that you want to have wireless accounts available. If your event lasts for a week, but you only want wireless accounts for three days during the event, enter the first and last day you want wireless accounts available.

5. Enter the number of guests for your event and select the person who will be responsible for the accounts.

Number of guests and Requested by
  1. Enter the number of guests for your event. This should be the number of guest wireless accounts that you want to request.
  2. Enter the name of the person who will be responsible for tracking these guest wireless accounts. This may be the person running the event or the event leader.

6. Enter the chartfield to be billed for any charges and enter any comments about the request.

Chartfield string and Comments
  1. Enter the chartfield string that should be charged if there are any charges associated with this request.
  2. In the Comments field, enter any additional information you would like IT to know about your request.

NOTE: CSUF non-state (ASC/Foundations/ ASI) and auxiliary funded events are charged a $1 per day per users.Terms and conditions may vary.

7. Click Proceed to Checkout when you are finished.

Proceed to Checkout

8. Click the checkbox to acknowledge you have read the CSU Responsible Use Policy. Then click OK.

CSU Responsible Use Policy

9. Check that the Responsible Person is listed in the Requested For field and then click Checkout.

Shopping Cart
  1. Check that the Requested For field lists the name of the responsible person for the wireless accounts. This should be the same person listed in the Requested By field on the previous screen. This ensures that the person listed will also receive a copy of this request.
  2. Click Checkout.

NOTE: To make a change to your form, click Edit.

10. You're done!

Submission complete

Your request has successfully been submitted. Make a note of the REQ number; this is the number to reference when contacting the Help Desk.

You will receive an email notification shortly with a confirmation of your request as well.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for additional assistance.

If you have already submitted the request, please have the Request ID available.