Disabling an Email Account

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can request that an email account be disabled in Account Management.

Need to correct the disable date for an account? Follow the steps below to submit a new request to disable the account with the updated disable date.

1. Log in to the IT Service Request Forms and access Account Management.

2. Click on Email/Login Accounts.

Account Management main screen

3. Then search for the email account you want to disable.

Note you can enter partial information in the search field such as a Last Name to locate an account.

locate email account

Enter search criteria such as Name, CWID, username (e.g., jsmith), or Department.

4. Place a checkmark next to the account. Then click Disable.

select account
  1. Place a checkmark next to the account you want to disable.
  2. Then click Disable.

5. Enter the employee's separation date. Then enter the date on which you want their email account disabled.

It is recommended that Disable account on this date should be set at least one day AFTER the employee's last day on campus to avoid having the account be disabled while the employee is still working.

Dates for separation and disable

Please note that when you fill out this form, the Separation date can be a date in the past. However, Disable account on this date MUST be set as today or a future date.

What's the difference between Separation date and Disable account on this date?

  1. Separation date is the official date when the employee leaves campus employment.
  2. Disable account on this date can be a date before or after the employee's separation date. This allows you to keep the account active for a short time after the employee leaves the university. It also allows you to disable an email account before an employee's official separation date if, for example, the employee will be using several days/weeks/months of sick/vacation time at the end of their employment but they will not be working in any capacity during that time. Think of this date as the date when you want the email account (and portal access) to be turned off for the employee.

6. Select the reason for disabling the account.

reason for disable

7. Then click Continue.

continue submission

8. Click Disable.

submit request

9. You will see a confirmation that your request has been submitted. You will also get email confirmation of your request.

Please note that the employee will receive an email indicating when their account will be disabled.

request submitted

Need More Help?

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