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How Do I Request Emeritus Status for an Employee?

This article covers how Department IT Coordinators (DITCs) can submit the appropriate IT requests to indicate an employee is pending emeritus status.

View the Emeritus Status webpage for more details about emeritus status and the process to request emeritus status.

Submit an Extend Expiration request in Account Management and choose Pending Emeritus request as the Reason for account extension.

extend expiration reason for account extension drop down

As all emeritus requests must be reviewed/approved by the campus president, you may want to choose an expiration date that is several months in the future so there is enough time for the request to be processed.

You can extend the expiration of the account again if needed.

Shortly after the emeritus status is granted, the employee's position will be listed as Staff Emeritus, Faculty Emeritus, or Management Emeritus in Account Management and in the Outlook Address Book (Global Address List). There will be no expiration date for the email account.

Outlook Address Book showing Management Emeritus for employees
Account Management showing Management Emeritus for employee

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