How Do I Set Up a New Employee?

This checklist will help Department IT Coordinators determine which IT Request Forms should be submitted for a new employee.

Employees Transferring from Another Campus Department

Not sure who the previous department's DITC is? Ask the employee or contact the IT Help Desk.

Contact the previous department's DITC to discuss whether the employee will be bringing their existing phone and/or laptop to your department. Most of the time, the employee will bring both, but there are circumstances where either the phone or laptop needs to stay with the previous department (e.g., if the employee is using a department-purchased laptop/computer, it will stay with the previous department).

If a phone and/or laptop will be transferred with the employee

Give the previous department's DITC the following information:

  • Employee's New Office Location
  • Employee's New Phone Jack Number
  • Employee's New Data Jack Number (for laptop)
  • Whether or not the new data jack number is activated (if known)

The previous department's DITC should follow the instructions to submit an IT Clearance Request. Then they should also follow the instructions to submit a Schedule a Move Request.

If no phone or laptop will be transferred with the employee

The previous department's DITC should follow the instructions to submit an IT Clearance Request.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT switch the employee to their new department until their first day of work. Changing it ahead of time may cause issues as the previous department's DITC will lose the ability to submit requests for the employee. There may be other department-related access that is also based on their department as well.

If you want to change the employee's department before their first day, be sure to check with the previous department's DITC.

Follow the instructions to modify an email account to update the employee's department and position type (if applicable).

Remember that the employee's location and phone number information in Outlook is based on the information in the phone database, so you will not be able to update that information in Account Management.

Either the Schedule a Move Request submitted by the previous department's DITC or the phone request that you submit will update the employee's location/phone number.

Note that you may not be able to submit IT Requests for this employee until you update their department in Account Management as you will not be able to select the employee's name until they are associated with your department.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.

You are done. Great job!