Account Management Overview

This article contains an overview of Account Management processes.

Each employee has two names in Account Management: their legal name and their display name. The First Name and Last Name fields should match their legal name in the relevant Human Resources system. The Display First Name and Display Last Name can be adjusted to the employee's preferred name, although it is highly encouraged to keep the Display Last Name the same as the Last Name to avoid confusion.

For example, Tuffy Titan's legal name might be Tuffington Titan but their preferred name is Tuffy Titan. The First Name and Last Name fields would be Tuffington Titan; the Display First Name and Display Last Name fields would be Tuffy Titan.

Human Resources Systems Names

Although some Human Resources systems have fields for preferred name, in general Human Resources systems use an employee's legal name and when their data is exported to Account Management, it is the employee's legal name that is sent over. This generally means that the employee's First Name and Last Name in Account Management are overwritten with the employee's legal name.

For example, the DITC who creates Tuffy Titan's email account may not have realized that Tuffy is not their legal name. So they entered the First Name, Last Name, Display First Name, and Display Last Name as Tuffy Titan. When the Human Resources system synchronizes with Account Management, Tuffy's First Name and Last Name will be updated to Tuffington Titan, but their Display First Name and Display Last Name will remain Tuffy Titan.

Account Management and Email Account Usernames/Email Addresses

The email account naming convention is the first initial of the employee's Display First Name plus their Display Last Name (e.g., Tuffy Titan = [email protected]). If that username/email address is already taken, the Account Management system will suggest a different username such as [email protected]. DITCs also have some leeway to choose a specific username, including one that contains the employee's display first name.

For example, if [email protected] is not available, the DITC may want to choose [email protected] instead of [email protected] as it will be easier to remember.

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