VMware vSphere Request (only available to campus techs)

This article shows campus techs how to request access to VMware vSphere Client, a virtual machine (vm).

1. Select Computers and Handhelds.

2. Select Virtual Machine Request.

3. Fill Out the Virtual Machine Request Form.

3.1. Select Virtual Machine Type.

  1. Select New if you are requesting a new virtual machine on the network.
  2. Select Existing if you currently have a virtual machine in your department, then choose the function of the current machine.
  • Select Physical to Virtual, if a physical system needs to be converted to the virtual machine VMware vSphere Client.
  • Select Virtual to Virtual, if a virtual system needs to be upgraded to the VMware vSphere Client.

3.2. Specify Server Role.

Identify the purpose of the virtual machine.

3.3. Select OS Type.

3.4. Type the Computer Name.

NOTE:  When naming the computer eliminate spaces and maintain unique computer names.  Spaces left in the computer name will be eliminated or replaced with an underscore.  The network cannot support duplicate computer names, therefore duplicate names will be altered slightly to make them unique.

** If it is vital that your computer name be maintained due to your operation, do your homework. Check with the IT Help Desk to confirm your computer name is unique.

3.5. Select the Virtual Machine Size.

NOTE: Review the VM pricing sheet pdf document on the request form for the latest prices and VM options.

3.6. Indicate Any Additional Storage Required.

3.7. Select the Network.

Identify if the server needs to be on a public or private network.  

NOTE:  For labs choose private; office, conference room, etc, choose public.

3.8. Select the Network Location.

NOTE: This is a partial listing of network locations.  Use the scroll bar to see the other network locations.

3.9. Type a Server Administrator (if you're not the requester).

Begin typing, the name will automatically populate the name(s) in the field.  You can also click the magnifying glass to Lookup a name.

NOTE: The server administrator is someone that will maintain the overall function of your VM.  This is not just someone that will just update content or enter data on the VM.

3.10. Enter the Date and Time you want Access to your VM.

NOTE: You must select a date that is at least 5 business days in the future. After selecting a date and time, click on the green checkmark button.

3.11. Select if Coordination with the Server Administrator is Required.

3.12. Type any Notes or Special Information that Needs to be Communicated with IT.

4. Complete the VM Request Form:

1.  Click Add to Cart to proceed or request another virtual machine for your department.  (Fill out a new request form for each VM.)  

2. Click Proceed to Checkout to complete your order and checkout.

5. Click Checkout.

When you are ready to submit your order, click Checkout.

6. Your Request has been Submitted!

You will receive a confirmation email of your order.  You will hear from IT when your Virtual Machine is complete.

NOTE: You can use the REQ number when referencing to this request with the IT Help Desk.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@fullerton.edu or 657-278-7777.