How To Print a Roster

Step 1:

Log in to start on the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard Homepage

Employee Training Center Dashboard / homepage.

Step 2:

In the upper toolbar of the page, click on the Administration dropdown

Arrow pointing to Administration link

Step 3:

Click on Learning Activities

Quick links menu

Step 4:

In the Activity Management page, type the name of the course you want to print a roster for in the Search field

Note: You may prefer to search by Course ID for the desired results

Arrow pointing to Learning Activities header.

Step 5:

Click on the Edit dropdown button for the class you would like the roster for 

Arrow pointing to dropdown arrow.

Step 6:

Select Manage Roster

Arrow pointing to Manage Roster in Edit Dropdown menu.

Step 7:

The screen will refresh to the Activity Roster page

The Activity Roster page and dashboard

Click on the Activity Sign-in Sheet link

Arrow pointing to Activity Sign-in Sheet

Step 8:

The Activity Sign-In Sheet window will show on the screen, click the Print button

Activity Sign-In Sheet window

Step 9:

The print window will show on the screen

Print window

Select the desired print destination

Highlight of Printing options

Step 10:

After selecting the desired print destination, click on the Print button

Arrow pointing to Print button

Need More Help?

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