How to Update Course Attendance

These instructions cover how to update course attendance for In-person classes (ILT's) in the Employee Training Center (ETC).

Step 1:

 Log in to the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard Homepage

Employee Training Center dashboard / homepage.

Step 2:

Click on the Administration Icon

Arrow pointing to the Administration icon on the ETC dashboard.

Step 3:

 Select Learning Activities   

Arrow pointing to Product Administration in left panel of ETC dashboard.

Step 4:

The screen will refresh to the Activity Management page

Activity Management page

To search for the online class, type in the name of the class

Click on the Magnifying Glass (Search) button to search for the class

Arrow pointing to magnifying glass button.

Step 5:

The screen will refresh to show the online class

Arrow pointing to course name

To the right of the desired activity, click on the caret next to the Edit button

Arrow pointing to Edit dropdown button.

Step 6:

Select Manage Roster

Arrow pointing to Manage Roster.

Step 7:

 The Activity Roster page will display

Step 8:

You can search for an employee you want to update by:

  • using the search field or 
  • clicking on the different page numbers (if applicable)

Step 9:

Click on the checkbox next to the individual you would like to update status for

Arrow pointing to user's name with a checked box next to it.

Step 10:

Click on the Status drop-down caret

Step 11:

 Under the Status column, use the drop-down to select the appropriate status: 

  • Attended
  • No Show
  • Canceled
  • Waived

You can see specific instructions for the Waiving process on the How to Waive guide

Step 12:

Click on the calendar icon caret

Select the date of the ILT class

Step 13:

Click the Apply button to apply the changes

Step 14: 

A pop-up screen will appear asking if you are sure you want to make this change, press OK

Reason For Waiving text box.

The page will refresh and the status will be updated

Need More Help?

Please contact the Employee Training Center (ETC) at: