How to Use Playlists

The Playlist function in the ETC is the option to create a collection of bookmarked courses for future reference, record keeping and easy access.  

This guide shows how to access and use the playlist features.

Access Playlists

Step 1:

Log in to the ETC to arrive at the ETC's dashboard

ETC dashboard homepage

Step 2:

Click on the Self button to reveal a drop-down menu

An arrow points to the Self button

Step 3:

Click on the Playlists button

An arrow points to the playlists button

In the Playlists screen, you can create, share, and favorite playlists.

The Playlists screen highlighting the favorite, create and share playlists
To Create a Playlist

Step 1:

Click on My Playlists to create a playlist

An arrow points to my playlists

Step 3:

Click the New button to create a new playlist

An arrow points to the New button

Step 6:

Enter a name of your choice in the Name field

An arrow pointing to the Name field
Add Courses to Your Playlist

Step 1:

Log in to the ETC

The ETC homepage dashboard

Step 2:

Enter a course name or topic in the Search field

Highlighed search field

Step 3:

Click on one of the results that automate based on your searches keywords

search results are highlighted


Click the magnifying glass icon, if your course subject does not appear in the automated results

An arrow points to the magnifying glass in the search field

Step 4:

Click on the vertical ellipsis button next to your course

An arrow points to the vertical ellipsis

Step 5:

Select Add to Playlist

An arrow points tot he add to playlist button

Step 6:

Click on the dropdown caret button to reveal your playlist(s)

An arrow points to the caret in the playlist field

Step 7:

Select your Playlist

An arrow points to the playlist selection

Step 8:

Click the Add button

An arrow points to the add button

A green banner confirming this addition will appear at the top of the screen

the Success confirmation banner is highlighted
Favorite Your Playlist

Adding a playlist to your favorites puts the playlist at the forefront of your Playlists, for easy access.

Step 1: 

Click on the radio button in the Favorite Playlist column of the My Playlists tab

Arrow pointing to the Favorite Playlist

Step 2:

Click the Confirm button

Arrow points to the Confirm button
Share Your Playlist

Use these instructions to share a playlist of suggested training courses with someone else.

Step 1:

Click on View caret in the My Playlists tab

An arrow points to the View caret button

Step 2:

Choose Share Link button in the dropdown menu

An arrow points to the share link button

Step 3:

Click on the Copy Link button

An arrow points to the copy link button

Step 4:

Paste this copied link into a chat or email to share with another ETC user

An email with copied link pasted into the body