How to Start your Training with a Register Button

Some compliance trainings have a register button. You are required to Register before you can begin the course in these cases. Please see instructions below for more information on getting started.  

From the Employee Training Center (ETC) Homepage

Step 1:

Go to

Click the ETC Login link

Arrow pointing to ETC Login

Step 2:

Authenticate using your campus login

Campus login page

Step 3:

Click on the Assigned Learning tile

Arrow pointing to Assigned Learning Tile

Step 4:

Click on the Register button

Arrow pointing to Register button

Step 5:

The screen will refresh with a Congratulations notice, letting you know that you have successfully registered

Arrow pointing to conformation message

Click Start when you are ready to begin the course

Arrow pointing to Start button

Need More Help

For assistance or questions, please contact the Employee Training Center at: