SSRC: Installing CATI for PC

The following guide provides instructions for installing the CATI software on  your PC.

Step 1: 

Click on the Installing CATI for MAC Dropbox link to access the file

Step 2:

Click on the file named: INTER 6.0.exe

Arrow pointing to INTER6.0 EXE option

Step 3:

Click Download

Arrow pointing to Download button

Step 4:

Click and drag the downloaded file from the bottom bar of your web browser to your desktop

Inter6.0.exe image

You can now access the CATI application by double clicking on the file

Step 5:

Enter your username: (This will be ad\, then your staff username without the


Enter your password

Your password is the same password associated with your staff email 

Step 6:

A connecting to the RDP host message will pop-up

Click the Continue button

The screen will indicate "Securing to remote PC..." 

Step 7:

The screen will refresh to a DUO Authenticate window

You should receive an automatic DUO verification based on your set preferences

Authenticate appropriately

The page CATI will then open to the Log on screen

Need More Help

Please contact the SSRC at:

[email protected]